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Walls of our Chalets consist of a 4" stud-cavity filled with 4" fibreglass insulation, covered with bitumen sheets and timber cladding of costumers choice on the outside.

Interior wall finish, if required, consists of  tongued & grooved panelling on plasterboard. This will be in accordance with fire regulations.

Chalets can be built on stilts using timber frames, this method requires very little groundwork. They can also be built on a flat concrete slab foundation.

Roof is constructed using IKO-bitumen shingles over slaters felt nailed to timber boarding, fixed on trusses.


Built using timber frames with stilts on pile foundations.

Size: 4000 mm x 5000 mm with 4000 mm x 1800 mm veranda.

These chalets will have breathable walls and are built  to the same standards as a timberframed house. They are therefore ideal for permanent occupation.

Construction of 4" cavity wall with bitumen sheets fitted to the outside.