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Carports provide the ideal protection for your car.

Standard carport with enclosed sides.

Clearing height 2200 mm.     Ridge height: 3150 mm.

Size: 3050 mm x 5180 mm.


Due to their good ventilation, carports allow your car to dry up quicker as in conventional enclosed garages where moisture is trapped inside causing rust.

They are a cost-effective alternative to garages.


If built onto an existing house door carports can allow you to access, load, and unload your car in all weather conditions without getting wet.

Carports are assembled in 2-3 days leaving no mess on your property.



Carports can also be made to costumers specifications

Carports can be lean-to or freestanding, single or double.

They can be constructed to different sizes and sectioned with workshops or storage facilities as shown on the right.

Standard carport with open sides.

Same specifications as above.

Carport with storage facility.